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Summer Shenanigans

Rumour has it, that Germans consume the most ice-cream! I can believe it and I have a theory. SUMMER, summer is short you see and sometimes it's almost non-existent. So it is important to make the best of every sunshine, sunlight, sunbeam and any flicker in between. Therefore when the calendar says summer is here the summer machines, gadgets (big boy & big girl toys) and the shortest clothing items-if any at all (we tan you see) are dusted and taken out of the garage and closets. Cycles of all sorts, convertibles/cabriolets of every brand will be racing down the German streets, scarves flying and inner Summer's beaming for the beginning of summer temperatures is cousin to the peak of Botswana winter.

This brings me back to the ice-cream, cos of course ice-cream is seasonal too and hence as much as possible has to be eaten during summer, more so on the sunniest day. In countries with more sun throughout the year, it's no coincidence that the ice- cream rumours aren't of us, we have plenty sun, and we savour it, along with its indulgences. We have ample time to try every ice-cream flavour after ice cream flavour. Sometimes we even wish for ice to fall from the sky and quell the scorching heat. The air is too stiff and sticky for dropped tops, we'd rather close the windows and pretend winter's back -blasting the air-conditioning.

Don't laugh, no, don't! I shouldn't have either cos now I am she who scoffs down ice cream and chases summer and sun around the continent. The one who cries for her lost colour and ashen face. The weather man is my best friend and first conversation each morning.

I'm sitting in a park- The English Garden in Munich right now, watching people enjoying the summer sun. The striking 'RUHE' or 'STILLE'- silence contradicts the summer enjoyment for where is the laughter, where is the smell of fat being singed on coal-BRAAI weeee, where is the popped boot that sends out music that possesses my body and sends it into a dancing frenzy. Momentary nostalgia struck me. But this RUHE (calm), I can live with. Summer is short after all, my saving grace from this nostalgia.

And then, some people know how to make the best out of the little they have... like Munich’s river surfers and river current riders! They are a must see. If you are brave enough or crazy enough, do visit The English garden before summer is over and ride the river waves and tides. If not this year, then next year it is! #GoTsamayaKeGoBona #ToTravelIsToLearnToExperienceAndToReallySee #livelife #lovelife #respectlife

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