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Bed Buying Shenanigans

Ruri go tsamaya ke go bona…it’s been four months since I took the decision to buy a bed, and still, no bed. Well, the thing is, I stumbled upon a little snag, well a challenge really.

In my defence, let me give you a bit of background! Back at home buying a bed is as easy as ABC, well at least I view buying a bed as an easy thing (even though I always took my sister or mom with cos second opinions are priceless you see, RIGHT-RIGHT). You simply go to the shop, look around and see what you like. You then sit on it, lie on it or just simply put pressure on the mattress with your hands and take a decision (I can bet you many people go directly from seeing what they like to payment-ditlhong stopping most from testing the mattress). Once that’s done, you pay (after hackling a bit with the sales person), walk out and wait for delivery. I must make mention of the fact that before going to the shop you already know the main brands to look at cos great-grandma, grandma, mom, aunts, family and friends all have used one or two of these brands at some point and hence you have slept on it, may it be Sealy, Edblo, Simmons, Restonic etc, therefore, making the Approach effortless, the Buying timely, and Confidence high-as easy as ABC, see!

Now, back to the challenge I’m faced with! On one hand it’s the language factor and on the other, it’s the science that buying a bed here in Germany is (I speak for myself). Buying a bed now entails 3 components; Matratze (mattress), Lattenrost/bettrost (mattress grid) and Bettgestell (bedframe). Speak of a quick ABC killer plus my pockets are shallow cos this costs nerves and money. But it makes for a great laugh especially if you have a crazy friend like mine to match your own craziness. I’m currently still testing beds; sadly I haven’t been brave enough to jump on any cos ditlhong haven’t completely flown out the proverbial window.

What are your relocation experiences? *ditlhong – shyness

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