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Updated: Jan 15, 2020

It’s true what they say about healthy living, “it’s 80% what you eat and 20% workout!” However, I’ll add a pinch of ambience, the finest ingredients, robust taste and a dash of friendly service and voila! I have found my go-to eat, drink and chill spot. Alone or with friends, BABA GREEN gets my vote.

The first time I walked past BABA GREEN, it was the sign that caught my eye and coerced me to peep inside. I remember promising myself to ‘give it a try’ when I’m relaxed and not running to or from my integration course. And I am always hungry before class and famished after class.

A week later, on a weekend, I made my first visit to BABA GREEN with my friend. I ordered a falafel in whole-wheat bread with hummus and Baba’s Red Sauce; for toppings I selected lettuce, rocket salad, sumac onions and jalapenos. I also ordered the lentil Soup (I love soups). My friend was boring cos he refused to order a kebab but ordered a falafel in a Laffa (wrapped flat bread) and everyone knows that this defies the purpose of sampling. Anyway, no love lost. Now back to ingredients.

To produce the ‘finest’ falafel, kebab and hummus you need fresh, wholesome, organic ingredients and creativity cos there is always that secret ingredient or secret touch that sets your food apart from the rest. Especially in a somewhat saturated market of approximately 16 000 kebab eateries country wide. BABA GREEN has this pinned down for they use only the best ingredients, and I must say I could taste the difference. My BABA GREEN Falafel was delicious and the soup everything to write home about. The flavours complemented each other very well, allowing each flavour to tease your taste buds, but none over powering the other…such delightful delicious harmony.

The green and black interior screams classy, healthy and clean, and the lighting in there sets a cosy tone. You have a choice to sit upstairs, downstairs or on the ground level. I am torn between up and down stairs. The décor is the same, but the downstairs has a cute nook with plants and games and I am a sucker for nooks. But upstairs you can sit in full view of the kitchen, the place where some of the magic happens; own recipes, secret ingredients and love. My mom always said food cooked with love and passion is the most nourishing.

A little impressive side note; did you know that the founder and owner of BABA GREEN is also the creative genius behind FitX? Now you know that 80 (BABA GREEN) + 20 (FitX) = 100% healthy lifestyle.

So, if you are looking for a quick bite that’s fresh and healthy, pay them a visit and let me know what you think please!

BABA GREEN gets 5 out of 5 mmalenaonyana feet of approval :)


Am Wehrhahn 23,

40211 Düsseldorf

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