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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Road construction and ambulance sirens are a daily occurrence and an annoyance here, but, on a REAL summer day (30 degrees) I’ll bravely and courageously explore green spaces at the expense of sanity! I am ‘mma setsenwa’ afterall. The title was conferred many-many years ago and I’ve PhDed it to professorship and back! And, trees are magical creatures with the power to absorb noise and give back music or whispering silence, and the power to attract and gobble up pollutants so that we can breathe. Yep, be nice to them please. Let them grow in peace and stop hacking them down!

WestPark was designed by Peter Kluska and finished in 1983. It covers an area of 720,000 m2. This means a lot of trees, some from foreign lands. The park hosts Asian gardens (I went to the Japanese and the Chinese garden); a Thai Sala, a Nepali pagoda, which are a valiant effort to “preserve Asian culture and a symbol of tolerance and open-mindedness between people of different cultures and religions”. For the rose lovers and fans, you will be pleased to know that there is a rose garden with approximately 20 000 roses from about 500 species.

Pray & Plead for real summer days so I can Play in and explore more green spaces please.

PRAY, PLEAD & PLAY #PrayPleadPlay <3

Thanks for reading my crazy scribblings. Until the next adventure :*

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