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Last summer my ‘someplace’ new was pretty much my back garden, okay, not really but it was just around the corner. I went to Olympia Park, home of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games. I sauntered through the park with its beautifully constructed sporting arenas, lakes, cycle paths, tent-like roofs, hordes of lovey dovey couples, swans, ducks and of course greenery. Did I mention that the BMW museum is across the road from the park, well in case I didn’t, it is (and this one is for my BMW loving friends)!

I walked about the park for an hour, taking it all in and thinking of that fateful day (31 August) that the American Sprinters missed their heats. That year the Men’s 100m sprint/dash was won by Russia’s Valeriy Borzov (speak of being at the right place at the right time).

A month ago after heavy snow fall I decided to return to Olympia Park, cos it would be my first time seeing it blanketed in white, seasons can really transform a place rendering it new. One would think the cold would deter people from being outside but on the contrary, the first snow fall lured us out; boots, coats, mittens, and beanie clad bodies hauling sledges of all shapes, colours and sizes and some even had snowboards in tow. Young and old we were all out to play in the snow. I walked around for an hour, pretty much retracing my steps from the last visit. But this time instead of the prickling heat taking jabs at me, it was the biting cold attempting to steal the remaining tan in my paled skin.

I ended my date with the snow-capped Olympia Park at sunset with a cup of Glühwein warming my hands, the wine warming my tummy and returning the colour to my ashen cheeks. As the sun disappeared into the horizon a sigh escaped my warm mouth, releasing my secret to the universe “winter is beautiful” and this included the freezing cold. A dreadfulness I never thought I’d come to adore. But how can I not when my inner child had so much glee.

Before I go, I must say I love how the entire area has been incorporated into everyday life/use; business, recreation, tourism, events and an adrenaline thrill hub.  No huge white elephant here (my humble opinion).

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